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Our Philosophy of Care

We appreciate your interest in us and in cosmetic surgery. Right now, you are involved in the most difficult part of the entire experience: deciding whether or not to have surgery and picking a doctor that you feel comfortable with. We have not forgotten that we are a service profession.

The entire staff will try to make your visit here as easy as possible. You need a doctor you feel comfortable talking to. You must also feel that you can bring a problem to him. Dr. Powell encourages your questions. Both he and the staff will try to help in any way they can.

Quite simply, we will take care of you the way we would want our family treated. We are not a high volume practice. That means that we can give you the attention good care demands, informed by 20+ years of experience.

Specialties Cosmetic Surgery of the Face & Body Eyelid Surgery is the most common type of surgery that Dr. Powell performs. He has lectured on his technique both to Plastic Surgery Residents and at Plastic Surgery meetings.

He can also use other procedures, such as brow lift, face lift, neck lift, liposuction of face and neck, or fat grafts to facial hollows - all of which can prove very helpful in the right patient. Dr. Powell also does surgery on the internal and external nose for both breathing problems, repair of injuries, or for cosmetic reasons. He can also improve facial relationships with cheek or chin implants.

TORSO: Tummy tuck, mini-tuck, extended mini-tucks are all variants of stomach flattening operations that Dr. Powell will customize for your particular type of problem. Many patients who think they will need a tummy tuck operation can, in fact, be treated with liposuction alone.

Liposuction of the torso as well as the arms and legs makes up a large part of Dr. Powell's cosmetic practice.

Dr. Powell performs Botox-type injections in the office. Although small phenol peels can be done in the office, the larger phenol peels sometimes require a Day Surgery setting for sedation and comfort.

Office Skin Care, including glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acid peels are performed by his skin care specialist. She also does dermaplaning and can assist you with a customized skin care plan. Breast Surgery Dr. Powell trained with one of the inventors of the breast implant. He has long been interested in the full range of surgeries on the breast. These include breast enlargement, of course. But he also does many breast reductions, breast uplifts, and breast reconstructions.

Dr. Powell also does a great deal of secondary breast surgery for women who have had problematic results with other surgeons. These can include implant removal, implant replacement, size adjustment, or softening procedures if the breasts are too firm or asymmetric. Finesse or Re-Do Surgery Since many types of physicians - and even some oral surgeons - currently perform cosmetic procedures, there are inevitably some problems. Secondary surgery on such patients is one of the most challenging areas of practice for any Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Because of his 20+ years of experience, Dr. Powell sees and treats a large number of patients with unsatisfactory surgery done by other doctors. These surgeries may be touch-ups or major revisions, depending on the patient's concerns and the degree of deformity.